Tile drainage systems throughout Wisconsin and methods to locate the drains in the field.
Get a look at UW Discovery Farms 2017 accomplishments by the numbers.
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March 2018
NUE Project Results
Soil Health preliminary analysis
Results from seven years of monitoring in the Jersey Valley Watershed
Results from seven years of water quality monitoring in the Dry Run Watershed
By Michael A. Holly, Rebecca A. Larson, Eric T. Cooley, Aaron M. Wunderlin
June 2018
October 2018
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For seven years, UW Discovery Farms monitored water quality in the Jersey Valley and Dry Run watersheds. See results from the studies in this final report.
2018 by the numbers. Get an overview of UW Discovery Farms 2018 accomplishments.
4 tips for controlling soil and nutrient loss
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March 2019
UW Discovery Farms began monitoring Nitrogen Use Efficiency of corn grain and corn silage in Wisconsin beginning in 2015. This publication shares Wisconsin benchmarks established through the projects.
UW Discovery Farms has been monitoring Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Wisconsin for 4 years. This handout shares results from the 2018 growing season.
Results from biological and physical soil health measurements performed by UW Discovery Farms on Tile and Nitrogen Use Efficiency project fields.