Explains the lessons learned, the changes in agricultural management at PPD, and changes in public perception of agricultural losses.
This factsheet outlines the surface water and tile line runoff volume and timing characteristics from a dairy operation that uses no-till cropping methods in Southeastern Wisconsin.
An article summarizing nutrient runoff data performed on a Wisconsin dairy farm by UW Discovery Farms and its on farm research. Distributed in April 2011 to 92,000 readers through the Wisconsin agricultural papers.
A summary of lessons learned through research on Saxon Homestead Farm. Includes information aimed at improvement of future studies, engagement of local community, and any changes made to the operation based on actual data collected at the farm.
June/July 2017
October 2017
Discover a management intensive grazing Wisconsin dairy farm operation and why UW Discovery Farms performed water and nutrient runoff on farm research here.
Discovery Farms performed a two phase water quality monitoring project on Saxon Homestead Farm. Find information on the design and reasoning for phase two in this factsheet.
Understand the sampling process of surface and tile monitoring during phase two of the Saxon Homestead Farm project. Find a detailed description of equipment used, procedures, sample collection, and maintenance.
Take a look at precipitation values compared to runoff and tile flow measured. Learn how frozen and non-frozen ground influenced these numbers.
Results for annual precipitation, surface runoff, and tile flow data during phase two of Saxon Homestead monitoring. Compare month by month throughout the monitoring time period.
Annual losses of phosphorus and nitrogen during phase two of monitoring at Saxon Homestead Farms.
Learn how stocking density and paddock renovation played a role in water quality monitoring data during phase two of Saxon Homestead Farm monitoring.
See sediment and nutrient loss results from phase 1 and phase 2 of monitoring at Saxon Homestead Farm.
Get a breakdown of sediment losses during phase two of Saxon Homestead Farm monitoring.
Read about the farming system in place at Heisner Family Dairy, and find out about the monitoring study design used in this farm's participation in the UW-Discovery Farms Program.
Use this short factsheet to understand the key factors that lead to runoff while the ground is frozen and/or snow-covered.
Insight into manure management strategies that minimize nitrogen and phosphorus loss based on Discovery Farms research.
A 2017 update to the original newspaper insert
Tile-drained agricultural land must be well-managed to reduce the loss of nutrients to surface waters. Nutrient management practices must be carefully followed to minimize the risk of nutrient loss and to maximize fertilizer use efficiency.
Provides information on inspecting and maintaining tile drainage systems and presents issues to consider when modifying existing tiles or installing new drains.