Observations from in-stream monitoring showed delayed response in the stream to precipitation events. Learn about the factors that make the area prone to perched groundwater systems and delayed flow events.
Results from volunteer water monitoring conducted along the stream corridor at Heisner Family Dairy.
Information on major lessons learned, and thoughts on the impact of the study at Heisner Family Dairy on public perception and future research.
Information available on Breneman Farms, a Wisconsin dairy producer who participated in UW Discovery Farms and its on-farm research.
Grazing Based Dairy Systems
Discovery a grazing Wisconsin dairy farm operation and why UW Discovery Farms performed water and nutrient runoff research.
Describes the watershed layout and the sample collection and maintenance of the monitoring stations.
Sediment and nutrient loss on the Breneman Farm for the 2006 and 2007 field years. UW Discovery Farms used this research for improving soil fertility on grass-based Wisconsin dairy farms and to reduce these losses.
Denitrification and groundwater reactions caused by nutrient runoff.
Soil and groundwater reactions to organic and inorganic phosphorus.
Study conclusions and results reached by the UW Discovery Farms on farm research.
An article summarizing nutrient runoff and air quality data performed on a Wisconsin swine farm by UW Discovery Farms and its on farm research. It was published in the Country Today, Ag Review and Wisconsin State Farmer.
Project methods and results for monitoring swine emissions and odors.
Discover a Wisconsin swine farm operation and why UW Discovery Farms performed odor and nutrient runoff on farm research on this farm.
Project methods and project results for a UW Discovery Farms on farm research study conducted on a Wisconsin swine farm.
A project designed to test the economic effectiveness of recommended best management practices on a working operation.
Research data performed by UW Discovery Farms on types of poultry manure, water holding capacity and water infiltration rates of poultry manure.
Description of the study site, methods and equipment used, and the results for potential phosphorus and nitrogen nutrient runoff.
Results and discussion of the soil analysis results, and remediation recommendations.
On farm research study objectives and groundwater study design for a Wisconsin poultry farm.
Explanation of surface water monitoring, basin comparison, timing of surface runoff and conclusions from the on farm research study.
Explanation of tile drainage monitoring, basin comparison, timing of the flow, and conclusion of the UW Discovery Farms study.
A comparison of surface water and tile drainage runoff on a Wisconsin dairy farm.
A description of precipitation and runoff trends, and surface and tile sediment loss.