Core Farm since

Fall 2004 surface water site


Jim and Sandie Fitzgerald and their three daughters: Kelly Goehring, Julie Maurer and Stacy Klotz


Northwest of Cleveland, Manitowoc County, WI


Milk, Corn and alfalfa for on-farm feeding

Research Opportunities

This farm was chosen to represent conventional, total confinement large-scale dairy operations that have associated cropland. Farm location is in the Great Lakes Basin, a region once glaciated. Gentle to moderate sloping (2-6 percent slopes) landscape. Nutrient and soil sediment loss due to runoff in surface discharge of fields with liquid dairy manure was also studied.

Conservation Practices

All manure is incorporated within 72 hours with a disk.

Follows USDA-590 nutrient management standards-phosphorus based

Grassed waterways

Manure storage system

Monitoring in Place

Monitoring removed in Fall 2006.

Intermittent stream surface monitoring station. 

Surface water runoff quality of corn and alfalfa fields with liquid dairy manure. The manure is typically applied to cropland in fall. Spring manure applications and applications to alfalfa ground between cuttings are also occasionally conducted. Manure is held in a pit when conditions warrant no spreading.

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