Core Farm since



Jim and Jane Heisner, along with their sons and families


Mineral Point, Iowa County, WI


Certified organic dairy/milk

Certified organic cropland to support dairy

Research Opportunities

This farm was chosen to represent medium-sized organic dairy operations that have associated cropland devoted to corn grain, corn silage, small grain and new seeding alfalfa/grass hay.

To discover the reasons for or lack there of nonpoint source pollution on a farm located in the southern end of Wisconsin's driftless region.

Surface water monitoring site designed to study nutrient and soil sediment loss due to runoff from organic (dairy-based) crop production, with and without livestock manure. These losses can lead to reduced soil fertility for the farmer. 

In-stream water monitoring site designed to study the influence of managed instensive grazing (MIG) on stream water quality where cattle have limited access, and to study the potential influence of a milking and housing facility on the water quality of a stream.