Locate tile lines with varied tools

By Aaron Pape for PDPW Dairy's Bottom Line, Agriview


Tile drainage is a common land-improvement technique that can increase crop yields and consistency. It also allows for improved field trafficability, allowing farmers to go into their fields earlier in the spring because those fields aren’t as wet – and heavy equipment is less likely to rut and compact the soil.

While planting on time goes a long way toward simplifying farm-management aspects, tiled fields call for proper management of nutrients. In particular, special attention must be given to the rate and timing of manure and nutrient applications made to those fields.

Because many fields were tiled up to 80 years ago, farmers may own or operate tiled fields and not even know it – and tile lines are underground so locating them can be difficult. To determine if tile lines exist within a field and where they’re located, use one or more of four methods...

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