UW-Discovery Farms

Producer-Led Webinar Series

04/07/2020 2:53PM

Hosted by DATCP and Discovery Farms

This webinar series, delivered in a podcast format, will cover a range of conservation topics that producer-led groups around the state are focusing on. Each webinar will include the farmer perspective and will have time for plenty of Q&A and discussion.


  1. Facilitate farmer exchange to problem solve, try new things and innovate
  2. Provide space for farmers and partners to ask questions about the DATCP program
  3. Collect information about what is working, what is challenging and what practices are being tried
  4. Provide resources for farmer-led groups
  5. Evaluate the success of the webinars through surveys and interactive webinars

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June 9

To sign up for the webinar series, click here: https://bit.ly/3acx3t0 

Any questions, please email: rachel.rushmann@wisconsin.gov.


Interseeding rye into standing soybeans

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Listen to the first Producer-Led Webinar! In this episode, we chat with Brian Maliszewski from the Buffalo Trempealeau Farmer Network about interseeding rye into standing soybeans. Brian, his wife Sara and their son Bennett live on their farm near Independence, WI which operates 600 head of beef and 2500 acres of corn, soybeans, alfalfa and cover crops.

Tune in to learn why Brian started this practice, what drivers lead to a successful stand of rye and more about the agronomics and economics of the practice Brian also shares aspects of the Buffalo Trempealeau Farmer Network, his producer-led group, which is located in the hilly terrain of the Driftless Region of Wisconsin.

Planting corn into standing rye

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In this episode we hear from Tony Peirick from the Dodge County Farmers for Healthy Soils-Healthy Waters about planting corn into standing rye. Tony owns and operates T n R Dairy with his brother, their sons and their families in Southern Dodge County. 
Hear why Tony began planting his corn into standing rye five years ago and how they make this practice successful from the equipment, herbicide program, seeding rates, timing and more. Tony is the President of the Dodge County Farmers for Healthy Soils-Healthy Waters and in the second half of this podcast, he shares what makes their group tick. 

Growing alternative forages

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Alternative forages including sorghum sudan, triticale and rye cover crops have provided conservation, soil heath and feed benefits for Tony Brey's dairy farm in Northeastern WI. Tony of Brey Cycle Farm LLC is an active member of Peninsula Pride Farms and the Door Kewaunee Demonstration Netowrk. 

Listen to this recording where Barry Bubolz of the Natural Resource Conservation Service interviews Tony about his experiences with alternative forages including why they started, manure spreading opportunities, planting logistics, herbicide program and the many benefits they have seen over the last five years.