Discovery Farms is governed by a Steering Committee. The committee, chaired by a farmer, includes representatives from Wisconsin farm, agribusiness, and environmental organizations. Most of the Steering Committee members are farmers. In addition, there is a group of non-voting advisors representing various public agencies and the University system. The Discovery Farms Steering Committee has four main duties:

  • Provide oversight, direction, and guidance to Discovery Farms

  • Assist in identifying topics and project possibilities, including project and cooperator selection

  • Provide regional assistance to Discovery Farms cooperators

  • Help share Discovery Farms information to the membership of many statewide and local organizations

Duties of the Steering Committee do not stop at the board meeting door. Farmer leadership is a crucial component of Discovery Farms and the Steering Committee, as well as farmer cooperators, are encouraged to stay involved year-round.



Name Title Location Organization
Chairman Terry Quam Farmer Lodi Wisconsin Cattlemen's Association
Vice Chairman Kay Zwald Farmer Hammond Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board
Tom Novak Farmer/ Crop Consultant Sullivan Wisconsin Association of Professional Ag. Consultants
Peter Kimball Farmer Baldwin Wisconsin Farm Bureau
Ben Peterson Farmer Grantsburg Dairy Business Association
Ken Hafstad Agribusiness Barron Wisconsin Poultry and Egg Association
Andy Dierks Farmer Coloma WI Potato & Vegetable Growers Association
Corey Hodorff Farmer Eden Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin
Rick Adamski Farmer Seymour Wisconsin Farmers Union
Joe Bragger Farmer Independence Wisconsin Soybean Growers
Mykel Wedig Cooperative Liaison Madison Cooperative Network
Tom Bressner Agribusiness Sullivan Wisconsin Agri-Business Association
Steve Duwe Farmer Lake Mills Wisconsin Corn Growers Association
Bill Gnatzig Farmer Roberts Wisconsin Pork Association
Scott Laeser Farmer/ Water Quality Specialist Madison Clean Wisconsin
Tim Ransom Custom Applicator Darien Professional Nutrient Applicators Association of Wisconsin
Eric Allness State Conservationist Madison Natural Resources Conservation Service
Rachel Rushmann Nutrient Management Coordinator Madison Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection
Erin O'brien Policy Programs Director Madison Wisconsin Wetlands Association
Matt Krueger Executive Director Madison Wisconsin Land and Water Conservation Association