Apply to become a Discovery Farm

We are not currently soliciting applications for Discovery Farms. We would be happy to keep your contact information on file for future projects. Please contact the Pigeon Falls office with questions. 

What is a Discovery Farm?

A Discovery Farm is an operating, commercial Wisconsin farm participating in an on-farm systems research/evaluation/demonstration project. The Discovery Farms Program is unique because monitoring is conducted by USGS in cooperation with UW Madison and UW Extension. Discovery Farms have been located in several areas of the state to better understand the state’s diverse soil types, physical and water characteristics, and livestock and cropping systems.                             

What is a Core Discovery Farm?

Core farms are 5-7 year studies that confirm what positive or negative impacts a farm is having on the environment. Farms are selected for the program by a Steering Committee chaired by a farmer and made up of representatives from Wisconsin farm, agribusiness and environmental organizations. During the first few years of the study, baseline monitoring identifies the impacts of the current farming system on the environment. Best management practices are identified based on the results of the baseline monitoring, and the last few years of the study are for evaluation of the effectiveness of suggested practices.

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