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Dodge County Field Day

08/03/2018 10:00AM - 08/03/2018 2:00PM

The Dodge County Farmers for Healthy Soil and Healthy Water are hosting a field day on August 3.  Abby Augarten, UW Discovery Farms Nitrogen Use Efficiency Coordinator will share how the Dodge County Farmers are monitoring for NUE. Dr. Jerry Hatfield from USDA-ARS will present his thoughts on the impact of weather extremes on agriculture. 

This FREE event will be located at Hammer and Kavazanjian Farms in Beaver Dam, WI. Visit to RSVP for meal planning purposes. 

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About UW Discovery Farms

state of Wisconsin

Since 2001, UW Discovery Farms has worked with Wisconsin farmers to identify the water quality impacts of different farming systems around the state. The program, which is part of UW-Extension, is under the direction of a farmer-led steering committee and takes a real-world approach to finding the most economical solutions to agriculture’s environmental challenges. 


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