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Nitrogen Use Efficiency Workshops

03/28/2019 9:30AM - 04/10/2019 11:30AM

UW Discovery Farms is hosting a workshop series that will guide farmers through the process of implementing an NUE study on their fields, analyzing individual NUE values compared to WI-specific benchmarks and determining future steps to improve efficiency. The workshop series is FREE and will include 2 in-person meetings.
Eligible participants:
Farmers, agronomists, crop consultants, Extension Agents and County Conservationists are encouraged to attend. Participants in the workshop series are expected to measure NUE on at least one field throughout the season and be open to engaging and sharing with other participants.

  • Access to least one corn field, grain or silage
  • A calibrated yield monitor (yield monitor calibration will be taught in Part 1 of the workshop series)
  • Routine soil test results from the last three years (can also be taken in the 2019 growing season)
  • Willingness to share/utilize agronomic data in a group setting (N applied, tillage, cover crop, crop rotation)

Upcoming Events

Northeast Wisconsin Regional Meeting

04/02/2019 12:00PM - 04/02/2019 2:40PM

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Since 2001, UW Discovery Farms has worked with Wisconsin farmers to identify the water quality impacts of different farming systems around the state. The program, which is part of UW-Extension, is under the direction of a farmer-led steering committee and takes a real-world approach to finding the most economical solutions to agriculture’s environmental challenges. 


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